The Open 2019

In our opinion every single Boom member should register and give this a shot. We’ll already be doing the workout in the normal course of the week. You may surprise yourself with the kind of effort and performance you can put in with this type of environment. We’re going to break you guys down into drafted teams for a bit more excitement. Team Grant vs Team Travis. I’ll need some suggestions for payoffs when my team beats team T.

We will also need a ton of judges this year. We’d appreciate all the help we can get! You’d just take the judges course online after registering. Super easy!

Now whats the process??

Register at the CrossFit Games site here: CrossFit Games 

The Open begins Feb 21st and runs 5 weeks. Heres everything you need to know:

Watch this….. Its from last year but still explains it well—- Video

How will we do the OPEN at Boom?

Thursday nights we will have a live announcement viewing at 7:30pm

Fridays will be the first opportunity to complete the WOD. It will be a normal workout for the day. If you are participating in the open you’ll most likely need a judge. Most classes doing the workout will be done in heats to accommodate judging.

Saturday Mornings will be the second opportunity to complete. Heats will begin at 9am. (A great time for non Boom members to come throw down.)

(These are the main times to do the workouts!!!!)

Sundays at noon will be for make ups. Please arrange someone to help you judge on Sunday especially.

Monday Normal workout day. We’ll need gym space and equipment for everyone else.


I highly discourage the redo. It will only wreck you for the upcoming week of training. Although, If you must redo please sign up before end of day Friday for a Sunday spot.

Once you have a score for the workout you must enter that number into your CrossFit Games app before Monday night at 7:30. Once you do that we will validate.

We hope you sing up and enjoy the “fun”

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