Success Stories


Change is good and success is even better. At CrossFit Boom, we love being a part of each member’s fitness journey. See how our diverse classes and supportive community have changed people’s lives.

  • Chad Vermillion

    I started with CrossFit Boom on January 21, 2014 weighing 255lbs. After 5 months of attending 3-4 classes per week I weighed 214 and had never felt better. The best part about my experience is that it was always new. The workouts varied daily, so it was fresh and fun every time I stepped into the box. There is a competitive side which I absolutely love as you compete against your peers and see yourself getting better. I think the best part about CrossFit (and particularly CrossFit Boom) is the strong connection you develop with the people.

    I just can’t say enough about how fun CrossFit is! I have hit numerous Personal Records which I never would have believed I could achieve prior to CrossFit. Coming from a bodybuilding background, I used to hate going in to the gym as the movements were repetitive and boring. With CrossFit Boom, you get a newly-programmed workout every day and a coach who helps you progress as you need to. Grant and Travis are absolutely amazing and know exactly what each person needs in order to progress. They are incredibly motivating without having to be all in your face. I can’t thank them enough for all they’ve done for me!

  • Jordan

  • Heath

    I was a runner. I did a half marathon in two hours, which I was proud of. I thought I had accomplished athletically everything that I would, but I was no where near my goals like I am with CrossFit!

  • Terry and Tory


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