Coach Lacy Beckler specializes in Met-cons and running, and is passionate about “LIFE, and helping people reach their potential, both athletically and as people.” An avid outdoorswoman, Lacy enjoys being active everywhere in the world and has a true sense of adventure. As a coach, she loves the excitement of seeing someone who didn’t think they could complete something, overcome their fears or obstacles. “I also love watching and motivating people to places they never thought they could go mentally and physically,” she says.

Lacy was a Collegiate Track Athlete at Baylor University and UT Arlington, ran 400 hurdles and participated in 4×00 CrossFit Open with the following results in 2016: 3830-World, 263-Region, 208-Texas, 7950-World, 684-Region, 563, Texas. She is currently a Track & Field Coach at a high school in Mansfield. Her favorite saying is: “Your mind will always give up before your body.”


  • CrossFit Level 1 (pending)
  • CrossFit Judges
  • USATF Official

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