April Newsletter

Congrats to Miss Julie on winning the open Nutrition Challenge! That was a hard fought 8 weeks but you came out on top and made some great changes. It was amazing to see the difference in just 8 weeks! Check out more of her story with Boom Cast on iTunes.

The open is over!

The end of the open marks the beginning of a new year for us. Most of the time new years mark change. A quote i’ve been hung up on the past few months is from Tolstoy “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” We are changing some of our practices with the hope that you guys can be a better position to change yourselves. New stuff is as follows.


From here on Lifting day is going to be spread out throughout the week not just on Thursday. This should give you guys a ton of variety in your workouts and help you get to the gym more frequently. Our programming is change up a bit after the open as it always does. At our monthly coaches meetings we’ll be getting together and going over the workouts for the month that best fit the CrossFit Boom Population. Each day you may have three, four, or even five scaling options. You and your coach should have no problem figuring out what fits you that day. You may have noticed a difference already this week. I hope y’all have time to check out the coaches white board brief the night before so you can get a leg up and know where to stand the next day.


Our new Nutrition program will be kicking off in April with a nutrition seminar on the 28th Saturday morning at 9AM. This is something that we’ve been working on for a few months now and i’m glad to finally bring nutrition to the CrossFit Boom population. We’re only taking 20 participants so get em while the getting is good. SIGN UP HERE.


Friends and Family 2.0

Leading into the nutrition seminar we’re welcoming your friends and family to the box for group workouts on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of the last week in April. We’ll have more coming out on this in the next few days. So start having FNF clear the calendar. We’ll see them very soon!




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