4 days till MURPH

Hey Tribe,

We have 4 days until the test of Murph. We’re expecting a large crowd this year. Box mates along with outside CrossFitters and fitness enthusiasts. I’d like to outline some things to know before the big event. 

1. We will all be Murphing at the same time no matter what the attendance is. I understand that we all want a great time on the workout, but i need you to be courteous to your fellow box mates when it comes to the pull-up bars. Basically if you’re not using them get out the way!

2. You may partition the 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 Air-squats any way you like. Most will do something like 20rds of 5,10,15. If you are partnering up the mile will be run together. Then split the rest however you see fit. 

3. As you can no doubt tell the programming has been a bit different lately. All of this is in an effort to get you ready for Murph. Staying injury free is a big deal. Look back on the past month of workouts and remember how some of them felt. This will inform your pacing strategy better than anything. 

4. Child care will be available for Murph. My wife Maegan has volunteered to watch the little ones while we work our butts off.

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