Melissa is this weeks featured athlete. When at CrossFit she can’t stop laughing. When on the field she can’t stop crossing. Go get em kid we’ll see you on winter break!
When did you start doing CrossFit?

Summer 2017

Why did you start participating in CrossFit?
  • Improve competitive performance
Whats your favorite type of CrossFit Workout?


What is the best part about being a CrossFit Boom member?
  • The awesome workouts!
What is the best experience you’ve ever had at Boom?

Playing the street med ball game

What’s your favorite Halloween candy?


Whats your favorite Thanksgiving meal?

All the pies

What do you want for Christmas this year?


If you had to give yourself a nick name what would it be?

Family and Friends Week

We’re hosting a “Family and Friends Week” here at Boom. The FFW week is all about you!!! We’d love for you to invite those you care about most in your life. We all have someone in our life that could use that supportive nudge to get back into the groove. Now is that chance!!! Lets show them what an amazing experience, coaching, and facility we are all proud to be a part of here at CrossFit Boom!

The Week is taotally free just have your Family or Friends follow the link below so we can make their experience the best possible!