18POINT1 Tips

1. Mobility: hamstrings are going to need some love before this workout. Nothing will stop your toes too bar faster than tight hamstrings. First put a ball under your leg while in a seated position. Extend and curl the leg while hinting around for the tightness in that leg. Then do a partner stretch on the hamstrings. Contract and relax to prep the legs for quick stretching and tension.

2. Warm up: Don’t over warm up. In a 20 min workout you’ll have plenty of time to find a grove. Do some rowing and make sure the hands are ready to hang from the bar.

3. Movement: Minimize your time under tension early this means use a shorter kip on the toes too bar and a quick dip on the clean and press.

4. Strategy: Come out smooth and test out paces during the first 6 minutes. You’ll know then whether to slow down or hit the gas. Stay consistent from 7-16 min these minutes are very boring and it’s easy to lose steam. Then turn it up the last 4 minutes.

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