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  • Ready to take control of your health?

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THE FIRST STEP IS to find out exactly what you need.

We’ll do an online meeting, get to know you, and see if we can provide a solution for you. No pressure.


If you have a goal we have a program that will get you there!

By offering online programing, One-on-one personal training, and small group training to help you reach your goals ASAP.

Group setting?

Working out with group keeps you accountable to not only the coach but your classmates. Push yourself and those around you to perform better.

Personal Training?

For the group that knows the goal and wants to drive truck though that wall and crush it! Customized nutrition and workouts just for you.


Schedule your Free first meeting
We’ll do an online meeting, get to know you, and see if we can provide a solution for you. No pressure.


A get to know YOU meeting
Everyone is different. Taking time to get to know what makes you YOU is an important first step to changing or building on a habit.


On your way to a new you!
This is where it gets fun. You build confidence, get stronger, and have fun along the way. Welcome!

  • I have hit numerous Personal Records which I never would have believed I could achieve prior to Boom.

    I started with Boom on January 21, 2014 weighing 255lbs. After 5 months of attending 3-4 classes per week I weighed 214 and had never felt better. The best

  • Just in case there is a zombie apocalypse I wanna be a little bit faster than the people behind me.

    After that first month I could really notice a difference walking by a mirror. A ripple here or more definition there. Just in case there is a zombie ap

  • A few years ago when we did a competition my daughter came and watched. At the end she came up and said mom you're so strong! It meant to much for her to s

    The first day I came i thought now way I could do this. Even though I scaled the workout down it felt like I accomplished something. This is what still get

  • We having something we can do together. We can be doing the same activity while getting seperate coaching. This makes it nice so we don't have to coach eac

    Terry- CrossFit is a huge stress relief. I like it because its something different everyday the variation keeps it fun. Everyone is very nice and chill

    terry and tory

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